THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA celebrates creative communities where artists, musicians, performers, and cultural innovators are rewriting civic identities. From Kona's coffee fields to Maine's rocky coast, these small towns are being transformed into Art Towns through the likes of world music festivals, artist owned galleries, outdoors crafts fairs, and locally owned shops.

THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA form a diverse mosaic that includes fishing villages, mining towns, art colonies, state capitols and national park gateways, each with a unique creative identity.  This book is also a guide for cultural tourists, art minded travelers, and art collectors who enjoy finding great art in offbeat places.

Many of THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA are renowned for the variety and quality of their music performances, live theater, and cultural celebrations. The most successful of these Art Towns are home to organizations with the expertise to plan, promote, produce, and present season calendars loaded with local, national, and international performers. These groups are also skilled at filling local venues with ticket buyers. Audiences in these Art Towns enjoy the likes of holiday season Nutcrackers danced on the stages of historic theaters, blues bands at local pubs, touring musicals at college campus performing arts centers, and summer Shakespeare in city parks.

For visual artists,
THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA are ideal settings for making art and connecting with buyers for their creations. Mid-career sculptors in need of expansive studios, art school grads with contemporary perspectives, and business-minded artists opening storefront galleries are the kind of talented innovators who thrive in these special places. When the right combination of talents, places, events and services fall into place, the evolving presence of knowledgable collectors looking for high quality studio crafts and fine art, as well as casual art buyers hunting for reasonably priced objects, completes the picture.

While off the beaten path locations and small populations narrow some communities' access to services and supermarkets, many of THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA attract travelers and new residents with their spectacular settings and affordable real estate. The reduced costs of living in these remote Art Towns allow homes in quiet neighborhoods, studio rents in historic buildings, and even business startup costs to often be within reach of working artists.

Throughout THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA, communities  are leveraging the success of their arts assets. They're investing in creative placemaking initiatives, broadening the scope of print and online promotions to include local arts interests, intergrating the arts with regional economic development efforts, and converting underutilized commercial infrastructure for use by artists, arts organizations, and creative sector entrepreneurs.

Interviews with artists, musicians, artistic directors, gallery owners, and arts leaders in every community strengthen THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA with informed perspectives on local issues. Each Art Town profile covers essential information that includes insights into the ups and downs of local living, community demographics, best annual events, leading arts organizations, and regional cultural resources.

THE 100 BEST ART TOWNS IN AMERICA is a roadmap for travelers inspired to experience the creative and enterprising Art Towns spirit that's reviving communities and creating opportunities across the nation.